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Monday Trad Picks: May 1, 2017

Monday Trad Picks: May 1, 2017

Happy Monday, folks! As promised, we have some new trad picks for you this week—the perfect way to kick off a new month, if we do say so ourselves. Scroll down to track #11 to enjoy this week’s selection of tunes!

About This Week’s Picks

11. Ricky’s White Face/The Boys from Bolinas, Liz Carroll & John Doyle
A plucky set of reels from the great Liz Carroll.

12. Lucy’s Fling/S’iomadh Rud a Chunnaic Mi/Some Say the Devil is Dead, Kevin Burke & Mícheál O’Domhnaill
The seamless transitions from the slow-and-steady Lucy’s Fling into the soul-stirring S’iomadh Rud a Chunnaic Mi and again into Some Say the Devil is Dead are the riveting soundtrack to an early morning spent watching the sun rise, a hot mug of coffee in hand.

13. Hornpipe: Home By the Fire, Donogh Hennessy
Fun fact: hornpipes are slow reels. And hornpipes like this one, at its even yet rhythmic tempo, are great for practicing a few steps to without fear of tripping over yourself.

14. Reels: Dinny O’Brien’s/The Sweetheart Reel/Paddy Kenny’s, Téada

I can’t get over the progression into each of these tunes. It just gets more and more fun with each tune. Try not tapping your foot to this.

15. Banish Misfortune, Mark Smith
I feel a great swelling in my heart with this lively jig.

16. Lark in the Morning/Cannabhan Ban, Liz Carroll
Another great one from Liz Carroll (and a whole host of other legendary musicians), these two tunes together are pure trad heaven.

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