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G&G Podcast Episode 1: Introductions & All Things Trad

G&G Podcast Episode 1: Introductions & All Things Trad

Guys—we have a podcast now.

That’s right! We love writing articles (and will continue to do so), but we decided to add on to the fun with a monthly podcast that covers all the topics we have rattling around in our brains. Plus, we just like to hear ourselves talk. JK. Who likes that?

What You’ll Hear During Episode 1

Our voices, obvs. We knew you were curious.

On top of that, we’ll talk about why Grafton & Grand exists in the first place PLUS a topic that has been stewing in our brains for quite some time now: the state of trad music today.

Ed Sheeran recently released a new album that features two songs, “Galway Girl” and “Nancy Mulligan”, that weave heavy Irish trad elements (provided by the enormously talented Beoga) into them. So we wondered, “Does trad music benefit from this kind of exposure?” We were divided, to say the least. Have a listen:

**A quick note: that heavy thumping you hear in the background? That was Grand…absentmindedly tapping a pen against a pad of paper. Whoops. Deepest apologies. When it comes to your first podcast, you live and you learn, amirite?

We hope you enjoyed our first podcast! Hit us up next month for Episode 2!

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